Succor point : X (-28) Y (-246) Z (8)

Equipment List

Icon Name Item type
Ale Alcohol
Amber Combinable
Backpack Gems
Bandages Bandages
Bat Fur Combinable
Bat Wing Combinable
Bead Necklace Jewelry
Belt Pouch Gems
Black Henbane Combinable
Black Sapphire Combinable
Blackburrow Gnoll Skin Gems
Blood of Velious Combinable
Blue Diamond Combinable
Bone Chips Combinable
Bottle of Kalish Alcohol
Bottle of Milk Drink
Brandy Alcohol
Breath of Solusek Combinable
Brick of Crude Iron Ore Gems
Bronze Axe 1HS
Bronze Bastard Sword 1HS
Bronze Battle Axe 1HS
Bronze Broad Sword 1HS
Bronze Dagger Piercing
Bronze Flail 1HB
Bronze Halberd 2HS
Bronze Knuckles Martial
Bronze Long Sword 1HS
Bronze Mace 1HB
Bronze Main Gauche Piercing
Bronze Morning Star 1HB
Bronze Rapier Piercing
Bronze Scimitar 1HS
Bronze Short Sword 1HS
Bronze Shortened Spear Piercing
Bronze Spear Piercing
Bronze Two Handed Battle Axe 2HS
Bronze Two Handed Hammer 2HB
Bronze Two Handed Sword 2HS
Bronze Warclub 1HB
Bronze Warhammer 1HB
Catman Skin Gems
Chunk of Meat Food
Cloth Cap Armor
Cloth Cape Armor
Cloth Choker Armor
Cloth Cord Armor
Cloth Gloves Armor
Cloth Pants Armor
Cloth Sandals Armor
Cloth Shawl Armor
Cloth Shirt Armor
Cloth Sleeves Armor
Cloth Veil Armor
Cloth Wristband Armor
Concillium Report Gems
Cracked Staff 1HB
Crystallized Sulfur Combinable
Dagger of Dropping Piercing
Dark Muslin Amice Armor
Dark Muslin Cap Armor
Dark Muslin Collar Armor
Dark Muslin Gloves Armor
Dark Muslin Leggings Armor
Dark Muslin Sash Armor
Dark Muslin Sleeves Armor
Dark Muslin Tunic Armor
Dark Muslin Veil Armor
Dark Muslin Wristbands Armor
Death Cap Combinable
Diamond Combinable
Dwarf Meat Combinable
Dwarven Blood Combinable
Enameled Gargoyle Eye Gems
Eye of Serilis Combinable
Faded Salil's Writ Page Combinable
Faded Velishoul's Tome Page Combinable
Fine Steel Dagger Piercing
Fine Steel Great Staff 2HB
Fine Steel Long Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Morning Star 1HB
Fine Steel Rapier Piercing
Fine Steel Scimitar 1HS
Fine Steel Short Sword 1HS
Fine Steel Spear Piercing
Fine Steel Two Handed Sword 2HS
Fine Steel Warhammer 1HB
Fish Scales Combinable
Fish Wine Alcohol
Flake of Gold Leaf Gems
Flame Agate Combinable
Flame of Vox Combinable
Fresh Fish Food
Froglok Blood Combinable
Froglok Eye Gems
Froglok Leg Gems
Froglok Meat Combinable
Froglok Poison Gland Combinable
Giant Snake Fang Piercing
Giant Snake Rattle Gems
Glove of Rallos Zek Combinable
Gnoll Hide Lariat 1HS
Green Froglok Skin Combinable
Grikbar Kobold Fur Combinable
Grikbar Kobold Scalp Combinable
High Quality Wolf Skin Combinable
Honey Mead Alcohol
Ice of Velious Combinable
Imbued Granite Spauldors Armor
Iron Ration Food
Ivory Combinable
Jacinth Combinable
Jade Combinable
Jade Earring Jewelry
Jade Shard Combinable
Kerran Doll Gems
Kobold Backbone Combinable
Kobold Tooth Combinable
Large Bag Gems
Large Box Gems
Large Brick of High Quality Ore Combinable
Large Brick of Unrefined Ore Gems
Large Iron Visor Armor
Large Rattlesnake Skin Combinable
Large Raw-hide Belt Armor
Large Raw-hide Boots Armor
Large Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Large Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Large Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Large Raw-hide Leggings Armor
Large Raw-hide Mask Armor
Large Raw-hide Shoulderpads Armor
Large Raw-hide Skullcap Armor
Large Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Large Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Large Raw-hide Wristbands Armor
Large Ringmail Belt Armor
Large Ringmail Boots Armor
Large Ringmail Bracelet Armor
Large Ringmail Cape Armor
Large Ringmail Coat Armor
Large Ringmail Coif Armor
Large Ringmail Gloves Armor
Large Ringmail Mantle Armor
Large Ringmail Neckguard Armor
Large Ringmail Pants Armor
Large Ringmail Sleeves Armor
Large Snake Rattle Gems
Large Tattered Gorget Armor
Large Widow Abdomen Gems
Left Goblin Ear Combinable
Loaf of Bread Food
Low Quality Wolf Skin Combinable
Lupine Runed Armband Armor
Mead Alcohol
Medium Quality Wolf Skin Combinable
Mist Wolf Pelt Gems
Mithril Earring Jewelry
Orc Scalp Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 23 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 23 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 24 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 24 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 26 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 26 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 30 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 30 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 312 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 312 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 375 Combinable
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 375 Combinable
Pearl Combinable
Pearl Necklace Jewelry
Pearl Ring Jewelry
Pearl Shard Combinable
Preserved Split Paw Eye Gems
Rain Water Combinable
Rat Ears Combinable
Rat Whiskers Combinable
Ration Food
Raw Silk Robe Armor
Raw-hide Belt Armor
Raw-hide Boots Armor
Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Raw-hide Leggings Armor
Raw-hide Mask Armor
Raw-hide Shoulderpads Armor
Raw-hide Skullcap Armor
Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Raw-hide Wristbands Armor
Red Wine Alcohol
Royal Jelly Food
Ruined Gnoll Chain Boots Armor
Ruined Gnoll Chain Bracelet Armor
Ruined Gnoll Chain Coat Armor
Ruined Gnoll Chain Coif Armor
Ruined Gnoll Chain Gloves Armor
Ruined Gnoll Chain Pants Armor
Ruined Gnoll Chain Sleeves Armor
Ruined Wolf Pelt Combinable
Rune of Al'Kabor Combinable
Rune of Arrest Combinable
Rune of Banding Combinable
Rune of Conception Combinable
Rune of Concussion Combinable
Rune of Consumption Combinable
Rune of Contortion Combinable
Rune of Dismemberment Combinable
Rune of Falhalem Combinable
Rune of Fulguration Combinable
Rune of Howling Combinable
Rune of Karana Combinable
Rune of Nagafen Combinable
Rune of Neglect Combinable
Rune of Oppression Combinable
Rune of Periphery Combinable
Rune of Proximity Combinable
Rune of Rallos Zek Combinable
Rune of Regeneration Combinable
Rune of Solusek Ro Combinable
Rune of Sorcery Combinable
Rune of Substance Combinable
Rune of Velious Combinable
Rune of Xegony Combinable
Rune of the Catalyst Combinable
Rune of the Combine Combinable
Rune of the Cyclone Combinable
Rune of the Helix Combinable
Rusty Axe 1HS
Rusty Bastard Sword 1HS
Rusty Battle Axe 1HS
Rusty Broad Sword 1HS
Rusty Dagger Piercing
Rusty Halberd 2HS
Rusty Knuckles Martial
Rusty Long Sword 1HS
Rusty Mace 1HB
Rusty Morning Star 1HB
Rusty Rapier Piercing
Rusty Scimitar 1HS
Rusty Short Sword 1HS
Rusty Shortened Spear Piercing
Rusty Spear Piercing
Rusty Two Handed Sword 2HS
Rusty Ulak Martial
Rusty Warhammer 1HB
Salil's Writ Pg. 60 Combinable
Salil's Writ Pg. 60 Combinable
Salil's Writ Pg. 64 Combinable
Salil's Writ Pg. 90 Combinable
Salil's Writ Pg. 90 Combinable
Sapphire Combinable
Semi Precious Stone Chunk Gems
Serpent Insignia Collar Armor
Short Ale Alcohol
Short Beer Alcohol
Silver Amulet Jewelry
Small Bag Gems
Small Box Gems
Small Brick of High Quality Ore Combinable
Small Brick of Unrefined Ore Gems
Small Cloth Cap Armor
Small Cloth Cape Armor
Small Cloth Choker Armor
Small Cloth Cord Armor
Small Cloth Gloves Armor
Small Cloth Pants Armor
Small Cloth Sandals Armor
Small Cloth Shawl Armor
Small Cloth Shirt Armor
Small Cloth Sleeves Armor
Small Cloth Veil Armor
Small Cloth Wristband Armor
Small Raw-hide Belt Armor
Small Raw-hide Boots Armor
Small Raw-hide Cloak Armor
Small Raw-hide Gloves Armor
Small Raw-hide Gorget Armor
Small Raw-hide Leggings Armor
Small Raw-hide Mask Armor
Small Raw-hide Shoulderpads Armor
Small Raw-hide Skullcap Armor
Small Raw-hide Sleeves Armor
Small Raw-hide Tunic Armor
Small Raw-hide Wristbands Armor
Smoldering Brand 1HB
Snake Egg Food
Snake Meat Combinable
Snake Rattle Pieces Combinable
Snake Scales Combinable
Snake Venom Sac Combinable
Spider Legs Combinable
Spider Silk Combinable
Splintering Club 1HB
Split Paw Gems
Split Paw Hide Belt Armor
Split Paw Hide Gloves Armor
Split Paw Hide Mask Armor
Split Paw Hide Tunic Armor
Split Paw Tooth Necklace Armor
Steel Knuckles Martial
The Scent of Marr Combinable
Topaz Combinable
Torch Light
Torn Cloth Tunic* Armor
Velishoul's Tome Pg. 109 Combinable
Velishoul's Tome Pg.43 Combinable
Velishoul's Tome Pg.44 Combinable
Velishoul's Tome Pg.67 Combinable
Velishoul's Tome Pg.68 Combinable
Velishoul's Tome Pg.75 Combinable
Velishoul's Tome Pg.76 Combinable
Wasp Wing Combinable
Water Flask Drink
Weighted Gloves Martial
White Hellebore Combinable
White Wine Alcohol
Wolf Meat Combinable
Wolves Bane Combinable
Words of Abatement Combinable
Words of Absorption Combinable
Words of Acquisition (Azia) Combinable
Words of Anthology Combinable
Words of Cazic-Thule Combinable
Words of Coercion Combinable
Words of Dark Paths Combinable
Words of Derivation Combinable
Words of Detention Combinable
Words of Dissemination Combinable
Words of Dissolution Combinable
Words of Dominion Combinable
Words of Duress Combinable
Words of Efficacy Combinable
Words of Endurance Combinable
Words of Enlightenment Combinable
Words of Eradication Combinable
Words of Haunting Combinable
Words of Imitation Combinable
Words of Materials Combinable
Words of Motion Combinable
Words of Neglect Combinable
Words of Parasitism Combinable
Words of Possession Combinable
Words of Purification Combinable
Words of Radiance Combinable
Words of Refuge Combinable
Words of Reviviscence Combinable
Words of Rupturing Combinable
Words of Sight Combinable
Words of Spirit Combinable
Words of Tyranny Combinable
Words of the Element Combinable
Words of the Extinct Combinable
Words of the Incorporeal Combinable
Words of the Quickening Combinable
Words of the Sentient (Azia) Combinable
Words of the Spoken Combinable
Words of the Suffering Combinable
Worn Great Staff 2HB
Worn Weighted Gloves Martial
Woven Spider Silk Combinable
Wrist Pouch Gems
Zombie Skin Combinable