a worry wraith

Full name a worry wraith
Level 48
Race Will-O-Wisp
Class Enchanter
Main faction Denizens of Fear

This NPC casts the following spells

Default Pet Enchanter List

When killed, this NPCcan drop

  • Wraithstone (Light)
  • Wand of Allure (Gems)
  • Fire Opal (Combinable)
  • Star Ruby (Combinable)
  • Fire Emerald (Combinable)
  • Sapphire (Combinable)
  • Ruby (Combinable)
  • Black Sapphire (Combinable)
  • Diamond (Combinable)
  • Emerald Ring (Jewelry)
  • Opal Bracelet (Jewelry)
  • Mithril Amulet (Jewelry)
  • Star Ruby Earring (Jewelry)
  • Fire Emerald Ring (Jewelry)
  • Sapphire Necklace (Jewelry)
  • Ruby Crown (Jewelry)
  • Jacinth (Combinable)
  • Blue Diamond (Combinable)
  • This NPC spawns in

    The Plane of Fear

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with