Mannan of the Sabertooth

Full name Mannan of the Sabertooth
Level 14
Race Gnoll
Class Warrior
Main faction Sabertooths of Blackburrow

When killed, this NPCcan drop

  • Raw-hide Skullcap (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Mask (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Gorget (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Tunic (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Shoulderpads (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Cloak (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Belt (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Sleeves (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Wristbands (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Gloves (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Leggings (Armor)
  • Raw-hide Boots (Armor)
  • Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads (Armor)
  • Fine Steel Long Sword (1HS)
  • Fine Steel Two Handed Sword (2HS)
  • Fine Steel Short Sword (1HS)
  • Fine Steel Scimitar (1HS)
  • Fine Steel Warhammer (1HB)
  • Fine Steel Morning Star (1HB)
  • Fine Steel Great Staff (2HB)
  • Fine Steel Dagger (Piercing)
  • Fine Steel Spear (Piercing)
  • Fine Steel Rapier (Piercing)
  • Steel Knuckles (Martial)
  • Weighted Gloves (Martial)
  • This NPC spawns in


    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with