a carrion bat

Full name a carrion bat
Level 54
Race Bat
Class Warrior
Main faction KOS

When killed, this NPCcan drop

  • Giant Bat Fur (Combinable)
  • Giant Bat Wing (Combinable)
  • Spell: Monster Summoning II (Scroll)
  • Spell: Improved Invisibility (Scroll)
  • Spell: Improved Invis vs Undead (Scroll)
  • Spell: Translocate (Scroll)
  • Spell: Spirit Quickening (Scroll)
  • Spell: Improved Superior Camouflage (Scroll)
  • Song: Melody of Ervaj (Scroll)
  • Spell: Flame of Light (Scroll)
  • Spell: Shroud of Pain (Scroll)
  • Spell: Call of Earth (Scroll)
  • Spell: Translocate: Group (Scroll)
  • Spell: Conglaciation of Bone (Scroll)
  • Spell: Wrath of the Elements (Scroll)
  • Spell: Gift of Insight (Scroll)
  • Spell: Form of the Great Bear (Scroll)
  • Spell: Stun Command (Scroll)
  • Song: Occlusion of Sound (Scroll)
  • Spell: Wave of Healing (Scroll)
  • Spell: Shroud of Death (Scroll)
  • Spell: Call of Fire (Scroll)
  • Spell: Burnout IV (Scroll)
  • Spell: Nature Walker's Behest (Scroll)
  • Black Marble (Combinable)
  • Pristine Emerald (Combinable)
  • Flawless Diamond (Combinable)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Dragon Necropolis